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Patch 0.3 was just released! Full changelog here:

4 years ago

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0.3 Released

Published may 28, 2017, 02:26:32 pm 4

0.3 Released!

Available now on Steam

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to steal Tuk-Tuk or an ATV could result in the hijacker getting stuck in a bugged state
  • StaticObjects with the `fixed` flag set to false will now properly simulate rotation

  • Fixed an issue where a player could enter an occupied stunt cling position, resulting in a crash for each streamed-in player
  • Refactored renderer to properly adhere to the Just Cause 2 threading model
  • Text renderer will now re-use buffers whenever possible to improve performance
  • Fixed a bug with first main menu background not being resized to fit on the screen

New Features

  • Added ModuleError event for handling errors caused by client/server Lua modules
  • Added Vector2/3:Reflect as an alias for static functions Vector2/3.Reflect

  • Added Roads class, allowing scripters to use global road pathfinding
  • Added ClientActor:FindShortestPath for utilizing NPC point-to-point pathfinding
  • Added Vehicle:SetSeatLocked and Vehicle:GetSeatLocked for (un)locking specific vehicle seats
  • Added GameRenderOpaque event for rendering non-transparent items to benefit from post effects, such as the water ripple effect
  • Added LocalPlayer:GetAimMode and the AimMode enum
  • Added Chat:Get/SetPosition and Chat:ResetPosition
  • Added TraverseType, RoadType and SpeedLimit enums
  • Vehicle:GetDriver and Vehicle:GetOccupants will now return and include ClientActors (Breaking change)

Some basic examples for the Road/Navigation API can be found here.

For server owners
Updating the server is not mandatory, unless you wish to use the new ModuleError event and Vector:Reflect.

Note: a running changelog for each new version is maintained on the wiki, see here.

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